CRDB Bank Current Account is a cheque account that is specifically designed to cater to your business banking needs. Enjoy the convenience of paying by cheque and drawing money without restrictions. A current account from CRDB Bank is ideal for managing and controlling your business transactions anytime, anywhere.


  • -Account can be opened and operated in TZS, USD, EURO, GBP
  • -Opening balance of TZS 100,000, and USD, GBP and EURO 100.
  • -Cheque to facilitate cash withdrawal and transfers.
  • -TemboCard Visa/MastersCard for sole signatories.
  • -Overdraft facility for those who meet loan conditions.


Are you a woman with ambition, class, and clear goals? Are you the next generation thinker and go-getter, ready to take off to limitless success? A Malkia Account is a woman’s unique saving plan designed especially for you.

With a Malkia Account, you will be able to meet all your financial obligations, as well as personal goals and dreams, be it in investment, education, business, health, you name it!


With the CRDB Bank Saving Account, you can conveniently save for your future needs while at the same time enjoying unmatched benefits and competitive interests.


Savings account specifically designed to enable parents and/or guardians to conveniently save for their children, especially for school fees, medical treatment, etc.

Features of Junior Jumbo Account

  • Account can be opened and operated in TZS/USD/EUR/GBP
  • Minimum opening balance is TZS 20,000 and for USD/GBP/EUR 20
  • Minimum Operating balance is TZS10,000/ and for USD/GBP/EUR 20
  • Withdrawals are restricted to 4 times per annum
  • Eligible to a non-linked TemboCard visa / MasterCard
  • The account is not allowed to be registered with SimBanking or Internet banking
  • No joint account or more than one account is allowed per child


It is a time deposit account where deposits can be withdrawn at any time after a 24 hours notice. Call Account is a type of current account with huge deposits from 100m usually with a maturity of 1 to 7 days, however, the Bank and customer can arrange and agree on different maturities.


It is a time deposit with fixed terms where a certain amount of money is kept in the account for a predetermined fixed time (Investment duration ranges from 3 or 6 or 12 or 24 months) and an interest rate of up to 5%.


A savings account is opened to facilitate salary payment by a customer whose employer is a corporate or institutional client of CRDB Bank or an employer who has signed MoU for personal loans with the Bank.


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