Dar es Salaam. Tanzania has vaccinated 345,000 people, which is 34 percent of the vaccine that was received more than a month ago.

The government plans to vaccinate 60 percent of all Tanzanians.
This was said by the government spokesman, Mr. Gerson Msigwa, while he was speaking with reporters in Dodoma on Sunday, September 12.

In another development, Mr. Msigwa said that the government is preparing to launch the second phase of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign that will be provided to groups that were not reached during the first phase.

Msigwa, without mentioning the actual launch date, said that it is expected to take place later this month or early October.
He said arrangements will be made to make it easier for the public to take the hits.

“There is nothing new in this second phase of vaccination compared to the previous one, but the goal is to mobilize more people and add more vaccination centers in rural areas,” he said.

Mr. Msigwa said that during the first phase, the biggest challenge was the distance to the place where the blows were being delivered from the human settlements, which meant that many were unable to reach them easily.


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